MRG School ‘s Grand Independence Day Celebration Ignites National Spirit


MRG School celebrated Independence Day with unwavering enthusiasm and patriotism, with activities encapsulating the spirit of freedom and unity. The event was graced by the chief guest, Dr. Anup Kumar Rajput, a distinguished academician and Professor and Head at the Department of Elementary Education Project Coordinator, Early School Mathematics Programme at the Department of Elementary Education, NCERT. With his extensive background in Mathematics Education and ICTs, he has contributed significantly to the field of education.

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The festivities commenced with Tulsi Watering Ceremony, symbolising growth and prosperity. The hoisting of the tricolour during the Flag Hoisting ceremony was accompanied by the resonating notes of the National Anthem, stirring a sense of pride among the attendees. A spectacular March Past by the students, saluting the nation’s glory, was a sight to behold. The cultural performances included heartwarming patriotic dances and musical performances that paid tribute to the diversity and unity of India. The celebration also marked the Investiture Ceremony, where the Head Boy and Head Girl took their oath of responsibility, pledging to uphold the school’s values.

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Ms. Anshu Mittal, Principal, MRG School, expressed her joy, stating, “Independence Day is a reminder of our rich heritage and the sacrifices made by our forefathers. The enthusiasm displayed by our students reflects their deep-rooted love for the country. We aim to instil among them the values of patriotism, unity, and responsibility. The celebration was a resounding success, nurturing well-rounded individuals and fostering a sense of national pride among our students. Students were also delighted to receive Academic excellence awards and Foundational domain achievers’ awards and recognition.”

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