National Voters Day


National Voters Day is celebrated annually with a theme. It not only encourages young people to take part in the election process but also focuses on the right to vote. This is the 11th National Voters’ Day.

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January 25 is the official date of the Indian Electoral Commission (ECI) in 1950. This day was first celebrated in 2011 to encourage new voters to participate in the election process. Undoubtedly it is a day to celebrate India’s voting rights and democracy. The main purpose of the Electoral Commission is to increase voter registration, especially for those who qualify.

Previously the eligibility period for voters was 21 years but in 1988 it was reduced to 18 years. The Sixty-One Amendment Bill of 1998 reduced the eligibility age of voters in India.


Every year, National Voters’ Day is celebrated in New Delhi before the Honorable President of India as the chief guest. The celebration begins with a welcome speech, several cultural events such as traditional dance, games, music, art competitions with different themes, etc.

On this day, the Indian Electoral Commission has organized a national event in New Delhi, and the Honorable President of India, Ram Nath Kovind will be the Chief Guest. The event will be held at the AshokHotel in New Delhi and the President will enjoy the event from Rashtrapati Bhawan. Ravi Shankar Prasad, the Honorary Minister of Law and Justice, Communications and Information Technology and Information Technology, will be the guest of honor.

 The 2020-21 National Awards will be presented by the Honorable President of India during the event and present the ECI Web Radio: ‘Hello Voters’.     


It is a digital version of Elector Photo Identity Card that can be accessed through the Voting App and websites.

He will also issue three letters from the Electoral Commission during the event. Copies of these documents will be presented to the Honorable President of India. Three books Making Elections During the Epidemic – Photo Tour, SVEEP Endeavor: Awareness efforts during the Lok Sabha Election, 2019, and Chalo Karen Matdaan.

Where can a person vote?

Generally, the electoral commission allows a person to vote in the area where he or she lives or resides. If voting is held in two or more different constituencies it is considered a crime and this should be reported to the Electoral Commission whenever it changes its place of residence. In other words, we can say that it is a crime. When a person reaches the age of 18, as an Indian citizen, he or she can register himself or herself as a voter. Also, the Electoral Commission updates the election list every five years and before the election. During voting, you do not need to carry a voter id, you can carry your PAN card, driver’s license, Adhaar Card, etc.

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India is a democracy. Every citizen has the basic right to vote. He has the right to choose his leader for anyone he thinks is capable of leading the nation, solving the problems of ordinary people, bringing about change, etc. National Voters’ Day is an important root of India as the future of the country lies. to the leader we choose.

Just think, if we do not come forward and choose the right leader, the development and development of the country will be disrupted and affect the people of the country. It is a world leader who decides on major projects and a few things. If the basic system is not properly developed it can lead to road construction, power outages, etc. Therefore, we must encourage the youth to participate and build a strong network for the next generation that will ensure that we vote for failure.

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