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Online Education In India, future

Online Education In India Technology is able to impact in every field of our lives and education is one of those fields. In today’s world technology changed the traditional ways of learning. Back in the time, there was the only way of study through books and notes but today we have E-books, online learning sessions, and many other things. So, we can say that technology and startups are revolutionizing the education system in India.

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Why online education has a bright future in India?

India has very bright future of online education. India has the largest number of young individuals and 2nd largest number of active internet users (According to According to analytics, India has 391 million users connected to internet but the sad fact is that 4% people of the population never start school and only 10% of students continue their study to college because traditional education is not as simple as online education and that’s the main reason of prospective success of online education.

Edtech startups contribution in Online Education improvement

The new startups and technology has delivered interesting and helpful study material to students. It makes study easier for them. Many Start-Ups like EasyShiksha, BYJU’s, Vedantu, Meritnation and other are putting their efforts to improve online education systems in India. All these startups help students getting bold about what they want to learn and make them feel free to learn. These online platforms providing tech-based education to the students that improve their ability of personalized learning.


Indian Government’s steps towards boost Online Education system

Indian Government continuously trying to improve digital literacy in India. Recently Ministry Of Skill Development And Entrepreneurship launched an online portal to provide free online courses for knowledge seekers. Prime Minister Narendra Modi earlier said that he wants to see Digital India where everything including Education is easily available on mobile or computer. Government has bring out programs such as Digital India and Skill India to spread digital education. Other education policies are helpful for boost online education system also.

Support of tech giants in this campaign

In this campaign, Tech companies are supporting these Edtech tartups. In September 2016, The Chan Zuckerburg Initiative (Founded by Mark Zuckerburg) invests $50 Million in Edtech startup BYJU’s. Vivian Wu from the Chan Zuckerburg Initiative said that CZI supports innovative models of digitalize education worldwide. Other tech giants are providing funds to innovative startups to renovate education system in India also.

Top Courses in Computer Science Engineering

Top Courses in Computer Science Engineering


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Economic Growth by Edtech startups

Edtech is changing face of education and raising funding money for economic growth. According to Google and KPMG, the online education industry in India is expected to grow to hit 2 billion by 2021. This is why all the tech startups trying to become Edtech company. A bunch of edtech startups like Vedantu, BYJU, Toppr and others are funding millions by digital education.

In simple words Online Education is going to change the scenario of Indian Education system. It is improving the learning ability of students with personalized learning exerience. The rapid growth of internet users in last few years is a golden opportunity for the growth of E-learning in India. Students of small towns and villages can easily get their study material at a affordable price. Many startups are helping these students and knowledge seekers for acquiring best educational material. This will bring a good change in the educational system so we hope a bright future of India through Digital Literacy.

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