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When it comes to choosing a college, a lot of students find it challenging to pick a school and a program that would meet all their needs and expectations. But apart from their preferences, college location may also affect their choice, not in the way they wanted. Fortunately, the majority of educational institutions have developed another study format Business Degree – online learning.

A diploma from a respectable business school may be a real door opener for graduates. That is why it’s important to give priority to the program that both will help you to build excellent skills and make you look good to your future employers. Here you will find the top best online MBA programs and the reasons to choose online learning.

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Online MBA Programs: Top Schools to Consider

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That was a small trick to those future students who would like to make the most of their college life not spending all the free time to study. Learning is of significant importance for any undergraduate, but if you want to be all-rounded, you need to do more than agonizing over home tasks. And now, let’s get on with the programs!

1. Indiana University MBA Program

To date, business education is appearing on the market as a great variety of programs. Indiana University program offers one of the most solid foundations for the business future. The rate of student employment is 99% after enrollment. All the online programs this university provides have accreditation of the golden standard of business schools. They opt for flexibility, that is why all the classes are being recorded and archived.

Why choose this school:

  • The MBA program in this university is ranked #1 according to their excellent performance;
  • It has one of the highest employment rates;
  • The acceptance rate is more than 80%;
  • Expert teaching staff with 10+years experience will deliver online classes at a flexible time.

2. Carnegie Mellon University MBA Program

When it comes to this private school, you cannot disregard the fact that 100% of the students are successfully employed, which makes it clear why this is one of the top programs for those who want to obtain a business degree. As well as a previous institution, this school is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

Reasons to choose an online program here:

  • Despite the online format, you will have an opportunity to gather and network with professors and other students apart from your ordinary classes;
  • It is available for everyone regardless of geographical residence;
  • The school also provides a blended format of study (a combination of online and on-campus learning).

3. University of Mississippi MBA Program

This public school may boast its employment rate among graduates and those who first enrolled in the program – which is 94%. For the MBA online program, which is a 36 credit hour course, all the classes are recorded and archived for its students. This program can be completed in 2 years if you take two courses per each term. After four semesters, you will obtain an accredited and highly affordable degree in business from one of the top-ranked public schools.

Why this online program is good:

  • You will not be required to visit the campus, all the study process will be performed online, but you are welcome to join activities which will take place on campus;
  • No non-resident fees;
  • You can adjust your learning schedule and in case of necessity the time of the program completion may be extended;
  • The teaching staff comprises internationally known professors and other experts.

4. Arizona State University MBA Program

This public school is among the top ten institutions which offer an online MBA program. By choosing this program, you get a chance to immerse yourself in two courses for a seven-and-a-half-week period with the opportunity to pick the start date, which provides better flexibility to working students. The program includes online classes, multiple elective courses, projects, and final exams.

Advantages of this program:

  • Multiple start dates unable students who work to adjust their schedule and start whenever it’s convenient;
  • You get an affordable degree from the institution with the golden standard of business school accreditation.

5. Auburn University MBA Program

In case you want to be one of those lucky 93 % of students and graduates who find employment in the best business companies, this program is for you. High quality can be affordable, as you will see from the program that Auburn University provides.

Why is it a good idea to enroll in this program:

  • You will receive an outstanding return on your reasonable investment;
  • The university has 30+years experience in providing online education meaning that the study process will run smoothly;
  • You will have the feeling of presence in the class with the flexibility of combining your study with work.
  • The school has official accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business;
  • You will get an opportunity to study abroad in the end as the university provides international study experience.

Final Thoughts

Your choice should be based on several criteria: the amount of time, financial capacity, future career preferences. In certain cases, the seven-week program will be enough for you, in other ones – the extended four-term program is what you need. Various schools have numerous advantages and can meet any of your needs and requirements. Significant results can be achieved after a long-term study in the accredited institution.

MBA program in the reputable school will open new opportunities for you through the success of completion, and future employment depends on your personal goals. Learning online has several advantages like geographical and time flexibility, affordability, and opportunity to learn from world-renowned experts and share the experience with other students from across the world.

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