Pacific World School Hosts a Mega Scientific Quizzing Event, Think Quest, to Develop Scientific Acumen Among Students


Pacific World School organised “Think Quest,” a captivating science quiz that aimed to showcase its students’ scientific acumen and thinking skills. The event proved to be a grand celebration of knowledge, innovation, and discovery. It provided a platform for young minds to demonstrate their scientific temper and awareness excitingly and enjoyably. 

The event commenced with a lamp lighting ceremony, graced by the esteemed presence of Pro-Vice Chairperson Ms. Nidhi Bansal, who was warmly welcomed with a token of appreciation. Ms. Pooja Bose, the Principal of Pacific World School, delivered an inspiring address, emphasising the significance of science as a guiding light in the pursuit of knowledge and innovation.

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The competition featured six challenging rounds that stimulated the students’ intellectual faculties, leaving the audience astounded by their brilliance. The participants’ performances reflected their dedication and hard work in honing their scientific skills. Students showcased striking music and dance performances to add an artistic flair to the event, offering a refreshing interlude during the intense quiz rounds. The Think Quest celebrated academic excellence and fostered a spirit of healthy competition and camaraderie among the participating schools.

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Ms. Pooja Bose, Principal, Pacific World School, said, “Think Quest has been an incredible platform for our students to unleash their potential and demonstrate their understanding of science. Witnessing their passion for learning and their thirst for knowledge reaffirms our belief in nurturing well-rounded individuals who will shape a better tomorrow. We are delighted to witness our students’ remarkable display of knowledge and intellect at the event.”

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