Phylion Battery Participated in the International New Energy Electric Vehicle & Parts Fair


New Delhi: Phylion Battery Pvt. Ltd., a leading lithium ion battery manufacturer participated in the International New Energy Electric Vehicle & Parts Fair at Nanjing exhibition. Enterprises of E-bike industry gathered to exhibit their latest designs. Phylion Battery stood out with a full range of best-selling products and a brand strategy that shocks the whole venue.

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At the launching ceremony, Feng Xiao, President of Phylion, said: “the application of lithium battery in LEV has developed from 2006 to the scale by now, which is definitely not achieved overnight, it is a very difficult process. The course of these years can be summed up in few words, from “not easy to use” to “easy to use” to “durable”, from “delicate” to “solid” to “cost-effective”. It’s our honor and happiness to have the opportunity to promote it to the common people. 

“It’s a matter of conscience to make lithium batteries. Focusing on the lithium battery of electric bicycle, its biggest feature is: under the limited space and cost, it has to bear the very strict environmental requirements and make it more solid and cheaper. In some extent, it’s harder than EV. ” Feng said.

Today, as a brand that has been deeply engaged in the lithium battery industry of LEV for 16 years, accounting for nearly half of the sales volume, and has the trust of 10 million users, Phylion has the responsibility and ability to invest on the brand image, let the brand of Phylion enter thousands of households, and let our safe lithium battery finally give consumers a sense of happiness. 

According to the release of “The Market Trend of Lithium Batteries for Electric Bicycles”, Phylion becomes the uncrowned king of the global lithium battery market for LEV

Mr. Lu Jinlong, vice president of China Bicycle Association and Chairman of Moped Professional Committee of China Bicycle Association, visited Phylion booth and delivered a speech. He was full of confidence in the development of lithium battery industry of China’s electric bicycle, and has high expectations for the leading role of Phylion in the industry

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At the scene of the activity, Mr. Gao Xiaobing, executive vice president of the Research Institute of Gaogong Lithium Battery, an authoritative research institution in the industry, deeply interpreted “The Market Trend of Lithium Battery for Electric Bicycle”.

According to the report, in 2018, the global LEV lithium battery sales volume were 8.33 million sets, including 2.1 million sets of Phylion battery, ranking first. According to the statistics of Lithium Battery Research Institute of Gaogong, in 2018, China’s lithium battery sales volume (including exports) totaled 5.95 million sets, up 14.1% compared with the same period last year. Phylion ranks first and its market share is far ahead of that of the second-largest enterprises. Phylion has accumulated more than 10 years in channel construction, cost reduction and after-sales service. In the short term, it is difficult for the latter enterprises to shake the leading position of Phylion.

As the leader of the lithium battery of electric bicycle, Phylion has the responsibility and obligation to study the consumer demand, participate in the value innovation of the electric bicycle industry and lead the trend together with the whole vehicle factory and partners. For this reason, Phylion has invited Mr. Chen Mingyou, a famous brand marketing practice expert in the industry and the founder of Shanghai Jingzhidao consulting, as the brand and marketing strategy consultant of Phylion. And at the exhibition, Phylion officially announced the launch of “Phylion (Star) Shining” brand strategic project.

Making a strong brand also means that Phylion keeps improving in product quality, performance and service, that Phylion will pay more attention to the research of end-user needs, and that Phylion has made a commitment of good quality and service to consumers. Phylion has always adhered to the original intention of “making lithium battery affordable and safe for consumers”, which has never changed.

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During this exhibition, the Phylion “Hengkun” series of products appeared together to attract the audience to gather at the exhibition stand to explore the truth. From material to structure, BMS, pack to charger, Hengkun series can guarantee battery safety in all aspects; meanwhile, it has achieved ipx7 waterproof and V0 flame retardant, which is higher than the requirements of national standard, and eliminate to potential safety hazards. During the exhibition, a group of lithium batteries placed in the refrigerator are still discharging normally under the environment of – 20 ℃. The Phylion lithium battery could resist extremely low temperature, which is worthy of the name, so that users who need to ride in winter can use it at ease.

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