Physics Wallah (PW) launches PW IOI School Of Management: A Three-Year UG Residential Program in Entrepreneurship and Tech Management


Oct  16, 2023: Physics Wallah (PW), India’s leading ed-tech platform, reaffirms its commitment to redefining education with the expansion of its educational portfolio through the PW Institute of Innovation (PW-IOI). Building upon the resounding success of the School of Technology (SOT), PW-IOI is excited to introduce the School of Management (SOM), an innovative three-year UG residential program aimed at nurturing future leaders in business and entrepreneurship within the fields of management and technology.

SOM represents a comprehensive program tailored for visionary individuals aspiring to excel in the dynamic fields of business, entrepreneurship, and technology management. With a faculty of experienced educators and mentors who are industry leaders from top companies, an industry-centric curriculum, the opportunity for up to 100% scholarships, and hands-on engagement with real-world projects, students are fully equipped to embark on a successful professional journey. This program is designed to innovate with real-life challenges, allowing students to solve real-time startup and industry challenges, applying knowledge to transform ideas into action.

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The SOM curriculum has been meticulously designed to align with the latest business and technology trends shaping the evolving market. It seamlessly integrates technology, fostering collaboration with the School of Technology (SOT). Additionally, students have the option to concurrently pursue a bachelor’s degree from a prestigious institute, offering pathways to further education in India or abroad and eligibility for competitive examinations.

This holistic program is more than just traditional education; it offers students a journey of self-discovery, to nurture their personalities through the Industry Institute Interface. Students also have the chance to dive into entrepreneurship through the Student VC Simulation, where they invest, strategize, and learn to think like a startup investor. Additionally, they become consultants for local businesses, addressing the program’s compliance, development, operations, and marketing challenges.

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From a global perspective, students can explore international markets and cultures with the Global Business Immersion program. Unleashing entrepreneurial spirit is at the core of this program, with the Pitch Fest providing a platform for business ideas to take centre stage. This extensive program ensures students are ready not only for the corporate world but for the real world through placement support. 

Aditya Agrawal, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at PW, added, “Our vision for this three-year program is crystal clear: to cultivate visionary leaders who possess a deep understanding of business domains and can navigate modern professional challenges effortlessly. Our mission is simple yet potent – to prepare students for unparalleled success in the dynamic landscapes of business and technology.” 

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