Schools must bring a reformative approach, post-pandemic: Mrs. Gool Ghadiali, Principal, GHP Schools


MUMBAI, 23rd November 2021: Mrs. Gool Ghadiali The coronavirus pandemic has seriously changed the norms of the education system. Almost all aspects of learning such as the format of evaluation, the role of technology, curriculum are being reformed. As per the respective state government nods, many schools are planning to reopen. Gopal Sharma Group of Schools is also set to examine the classrooms of the future. As a chain of schools, they have changed their style of teaching and pedagogy by understanding the need of the hour for the holistic development of a child. Gopal Sharma Group of Schools saw the necessity to change the orthodox art of teaching & learning with the advent of digital education.

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The coronavirus pandemic has pushed the need to reform the curriculum with job creation as the objective of the future. Therefore, at Gopal Sharma Group of Schools learning has become more collaborative, comprehensive, and integrated. Children have access to several classes and are interacting with various other groups of peers increasing their knowledge of people around them. The pandemic has prepared children for futuristic thinking. They have become technologically very strong and digitally responsible to understand that too much screen time is not required.

There are several challenges to reopen the schools post-COVID in terms of convincing the parents, adapting digital intervention, understanding the psychology of children, student wellness, and following the safety norms. Despite all the challenges, the Gopal Sharma Group of Schools assures the quality of education and the safety of students.

Speaking on the reopening of schools, Mrs. Gool Ghadiali, Principal, Gopal Sharma Group of Schools, said, “Boundaries of learning have been altered during the last one n a half years. Learning is no longer limited to a classroom or classes next door to the learners in the vicinity. The pandemic has got families of our students closer to the school family. It’s only jointly that we have been able to successfully deliver two academic years without affecting our academic results.”

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About Gopal Sharma Group of Schools:

The Gopal Sharma Group of Schools is managed by Smt. Durgadevi Sharma Charitable Trust. The members of the Trust have rich experience in governing educational institutes. Eminent educationalists and experts are associated with the Trust, and under their guidance, the Group runs many Schools. Gopal Sharma Memorial School (GSMS) was established in 1999 for State-level curriculum, Gopal Sharma International School (GSIS) was established in 2006 for ICSE curriculum, and Gopal Sharma Blooming Buds Pre-School (GSBB) was for kindergarten education. These three schools are a part of the Trust. The Group also provides a university-level education through Chandrabhan Sharma Junior and Degree College. The Group schools have state-of-the-art infrastructure, highly trained teaching staff, and inculcate interactive teaching and learning methods for students’ creative, personal, physical, and moral development. Further, all their schools are tech-savvy with computers and Wi-Fi connections in every classroom. In the wake of the pandemic, the schools are being sanitized on a regular basis.

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