South City International School celebrated Graduation Day with a lot of vigour


Kolkata, 14th February 2023: South City International School recently organised the Graduation Day at the school auditorium. The school, since its inception in 2009, has always striven to present every event in a unique way. ‘Even if you’re little you can do a lot’ – Matilda is a reminder that young girls do have the power to control their own education, and reading is a big part of that. South City International School has always made every possible effort and has been successful in bridging the gap between the east and the west. Thus, the celebration of both the days were a proof of children acquiring great admiration and mutual respect for all cultures and becoming true global citizens.

Mr. John Andrew Bagul, the founding principal of South City International School; Ms. Suman Sood, Director and Principal of B.D. Memorial Junior School, Kolkata (Chief Guest for the first day); Special Guest, Ms. Neeta Kanoria, Principal at Wings Pre-school; Ms. Aruna Gomes, Principal of Loreto House School, Kolkata (Chief Guest for the second day) and other dignitaries were among the distinguished individuals who attended the event.

The Assistant Principal, Ms. Swati Nandi Dutt introduced the Chief Guests. The program started with the welcoming and felicitation of the chief guests and lamp lighting. This was followed by the recital of the school song and a soulful tabla performance. The entire Pre-Primary section and classes 1 and 2 were the target audience for the 2 day event, which was performed by the students mesmerisingly. Students presented Matilda by Roald Dhal at the stage with great fanfare and zeal. Matilda, the musical, was a great success. The stage setup was quite elaborate, with various props and decorations. The Students rendered a spectacular tabla performance which left the audience mesmerised. Ms Anjali Burman, the Primary Head, after which read out the Primary Report of the Foundation Classes. Ms. Suman Sood, the chief guest, addressed the award ceremony and presented the awards to the deserving students and also encouraged all the pupils who were performing on stage. The deserving students were given Certificates and Graduation Hats. Address by the Founding Principal, Mr. John Andrew Bagul, was invigorating.  Mr. Bagul also discussed the human factor and the importance of teachers in a child’s life while declaring the ICSE and ISC 2022 top students.  Chief Guests praised the school highly and the efforts put in by all teachers under the leadership of the Principal

At the award ceremony two children received Merit Certificates for securing the 8th and 15th ranks in the National Level Inter School Recitation and Elocution and Colouring Competitions respectively organised by Heritage Foundation of Art and Culture. Three children received Merit Certificates for securing the 9th, 11th and 12th ranks in the National Level Inter School Colouring Competition, organised by Heritage Foundation of Art and Culture. One child received a Merit Certificate in recognition of his achievement for winning the Gold Medal at the 6th International Karate Championship 2022 in the Kata category for 6 years Boys organized by All India Seishinkai Shito Ryu Karate-Do Federation. The parents were overjoyed to witness such a magnificent performance.

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About South City International School:

South City International School was established in 2009 with a vision of developing young minds and turning them into truly global citizens in a warm and caring environment. The School commits itself to create a harmonious and stimulating environment in which each pupil will be encouraged to develop maximally his or her intellectual ability and academic performance potential; creative energy; enterprising spirits; physical skills; notions of justice, equity and public morality; affiliation to his or her cultural roots and heritage; open-mindedness, international and multicultural perspective, and a spirit of empathy for the less fortunate, with readiness to work constructively for social good.

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