Students at The Shri Ram Wonder Years School Embrace Nature Conservation with Enthusiasm


The Shri Ram Wonder Years organised a nature conservation activity aimed at fostering environmental consciousness among its students. The event encompassed engaging activities, including a nature walk, compost making, and a “Stop the Drop” cleanliness drive. These initiatives sought to instil a deep-rooted appreciation for the natural world and equip the young TSWYians with valuable insights into sustainable practices.

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During the nature walk, students had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the beauty of the surrounding environment. They explored the significance of planting trees, the importance of maintaining a healthy garden, and the need to preserve nature’s balance. The highlight of the activity was the compost-making session, where students actively participated in learning how to recycle organic waste into nutrient-rich compost. This hands-on experience not only educated the children about waste management but also emphasised the role of composting in promoting a greener and healthier ecosystem.

Ms. Shubhi Soni, Principal, The Shri Ram Wonder Years, expressed her delight over the success of the nature conservation activity, stating, “We firmly believe in nurturing not only young minds but also a profound connection with nature. Our conservation activity was designed to inculcate a sense of responsibility towards the environment and instil a deep love for the natural world. Through experiential learning and hands-on participation, our students have grasped the true essence of nature and the significance of preserving it for generations to come.”

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The young environmental enthusiasts collected dry leaves and paper cut-outs, discovering the importance of responsible waste disposal under the “Stop the Drop” drive. Through this initiative, they imbibed the essence of using dustbins and the value of keeping their surroundings clean.

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