The Shri Ram Wonder Years, Sector-13, Rohini, Celebrates Friendship Day with Heartwarming Activities


The Shri Ram Wonder Years celebrated Friendship Day with heartwarming activities that brought joy to its young learners. The event aimed to instil the values of empathy, compassion, and social development among the students, nurturing the foundation for strong relationships in their future lives. The theme for the celebration, “The best thing in life is having a friend who cares, loves and inspires you without a condition,” resonated throughout the school as the students enthusiastically participated in various creative endeavours to commemorate the spirit of friendship.

The students of Pehle Kadam engaged in a creative session where they crafted a vibrant “Friendship Tree” using their handprints, symbolising the uniqueness and unity among friends. Meanwhile, the Nanhe Kadam group constructed a colourful collage by assembling photographs of their friends, celebrating the diversity and beauty of companionship. The kids of Pyaare Kadam and Badhte Kadam delved into crafting friendship bands, artfully connecting paper loops with ribbons, thereby learning the importance of bonding and cooperation.

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Ms Shubhi Soni, Principal, The Shri Ram Wonder Years, Sector – 13, Rohini, expressed delight over the heartwarming activities, saying, “At TSWY, we believe that teaching the significance of friendship at this formative stage goes beyond academic learning. Our young learners are absorbing fundamental life lessons that will shape their character and interactions. Cultivating friendships encourages them to connect and communicate effectively and fosters acceptance and appreciation of differences.”

TSWY firmly believes such initiatives play a pivotal role in nurturing the students’ emotional intelligence and social skills, setting them on a path of understanding, empathy, and harmonious coexistence. It remains committed to providing a nurturing environment that enriches not only the intellect but also the hearts of its students, guiding them towards becoming compassionate and well-rounded individuals.

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