The Economist ranks EDHEC Global MBA among Top 20 worldwide 2022 ranking spotlights the Global MBA’s strengths in Diversity, New Career Opportunities


Mumbai, 27 June 2022 – The EDHEC Global MBA ranks among the Top 20 best MBAs worldwide and #4 in  Europe, according to the 2022 Economist “Which MBA?” ranking released today. In addition, the EDHEC Global  MBA scored #1 worldwide for Student/Faculty Diversity and #3 for Open New Career Opportunities. EDHEC  prides itself on providing students with exciting new career pathways and recruiting participants and faculty  from around the globe.  

The Economist “Which MBA?” ranking is based on feedback from MBA students and recent graduates.  Responses from EDHEC Global MBA students and alumni were overall very positive and highlighted several  unique strengths. The EDHEC Global MBA ranks #18 in the world and #2 in France.  


“The 2022 Economist ranking reinforces the EDHEC Global MBA’s key strengths: that it enables students to  develop new career opportunities around the world whatever their field or line of work, and that it is truly one  of the most international programmes around,” says EDHEC Global MBA Director Sandra Richez. “Our highly  personalized programme delivers an exceptional experience that allows our graduates to move into exciting international leadership roles.” 

EDHEC delivers on diversity and career opportunities 

This year, the EDHEC Global MBA moved up from #3 to #1 for Student/Faculty Diversity. Since its inception,  the EDHEC Global MBA has focused on recruiting multicultural classes that reflect the diversity of our world  and the international openness that many top global firms prize.  

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For example, 97 percent of EDHEC Global MBA students come from outside France; 46 percent are women,  and there are typically 30 nationalities represented in each cohort of 70 students. This diverse and inclusive  environment prepares students for global careers and makes them especially attractive to recruiters.  

The EDHEC Global MBA’s faculty is also diverse, with a total of 26 international (non-French) professors out of  45 part-time and full-time faculty members. There are 11 female professors and 12 visiting professors.  

The 2022 “Which MBA?” ranking also highlights another strength of the EDHEC Global MBA: it is beneficial to  students who want to take on new leadership roles in multinationals, non-profits, SMEs, and start-ups. This  year, the EDHEC Global MBA ranks #3 for Opening New Career Opportunities, which encompasses the diversity  of recruiters, the percentage of students who accept a job offer within 3 months of graduation, and alumni  rating of the school’s career services.  

Ninety percent of EDHEC Global MBA alumni move into new corporate positions within three months of graduation. EDHEC Global MBA alumni are attractive to companies because of the high quality of the EDHEC  educational experience and the intense professional development students receive during the 10-month  programme. 

EDHEC also ranks highly in Diversity of Recruiters, placing #3 in the world. This reflects the programme’s  perceived value by corporate recruiters from a wide variety of industries.  

“At EDHEC, our goal is to provide our students with a high-impact MBA experience, one that gives them all the  knowledge and skills they need to tackle the major issues facing companies and society in general,” says Richez.  “We’re dedicated to providing them with the best path forward and are proud of our alumni’s success and their  continued and consistent support.”

About EDHEC  

EDHEC is an international business school with more than 110 nationalities represented on campuses in Lille,  Nice, Paris and Singapore. With 50,000 alumni in 130 countries and learning partnerships with 290 institutions  worldwide, EDHEC educates the leaders of tomorrow: men and women who are determined to solve the most  pressing economic, social, technological, and environmental challenges of our time. 

EDHEC’s unique research model is rooted in public service: to society, to business, and to higher education. A  hub of excellence, innovation and diversity, EDHEC’s mission is to educate future generations in a world in  constant transformation. 

The School has developed a unique model founded on research of real practical use to society, companies and  students. EDHEC is a centre of excellence, innovation, experience and diversity, focused on impacting future  generations in a fast-transforming world. The School exists to make a positive impact on the world.  

EDHEC by the numbers: 

– 8,600 students in undergraduate and graduate 175 professors and researchers, 11 research centres – 5 campuses and a digital platform devoted to 100%-online certificate and degree programmes: EDHEC Online – 2021: Grand opening of the Jean Arnault Campus in Roubaix—a joint-venture between LVMH, EDHEC, and  the Institut des Vocations pour l’Emploi (LIVE)—that is dedicated to entrepreneurship, innovation, and  inclusion. EDHEC is a major partner of Station F in Paris, the world’s largest campus for start-up creation and  innovation. 

– 23 undergraduate and graduate programmes: Bachelors (BBA and BSc), Masters in Management, Masters of  Science (MSc), MBA (Full-time and Executive MBA), PhD (Finance)  

– A multitude of continuing education options for managers, business leaders and entrepreneurs offered  through EDHEC Executive Education (certificates and degree programmes) 

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