The psychological impact of COVID 19 on the human mind

human mind

Since the last few months, people all around the globe have been  fighting the frightful virus that has brought the world to a screeching halt. It has been almost six months and medications or vaccine against the ghastly virus is still to be invented. human mind Like soldiers bear psychological scars of battles similarly, this biological war has already started creating havoc upon the minds of general people. Fear for the COVID 19 pandemic has seized the world. At this point, people are beginning to lose hope and started to experience loss, frustration, and knocked up. Additionally, the lockdown has led down the depression (both economical and psychological) to the doorstep of every person.

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The number of infected cases has touched 1,91.327 in India and 5.92 million in the world. The increasing rate of coronavirus cases with little or no concrete treatment is making people anxious and panicky. A psychological fear has taken a root in the minds of the people. According to Mr. ATul Malikram, “ This situation is taking a toll on the minds of people. It’s hard not to get wrapped up in the news and stories we see every day on social media. But, people need to up their mental strength and sheer determination if they want to fight against this unseen adversary. At present, we are facing a transition process, with only two options- either to make it or break it.” According to the ‘Kubler Ross Model,‘ a human mind goes through 5 stages of emotions when they suffer any traumatic experience. The five stages include- Denial, Anger, bargain, depression, and acceptance. The coronavirus outbreak is sweeping rapidly all over the world while leaving behind a psychological impact raising the rates of stress and anxiety. Let’s see how the human population is facing global pandemic according to these stages:

Stage of Denial

At this initial stage, people believe nothing bad can come to them. If you recall, when we were introduced to the novel coronavirus situation, most of the people were in a state of denial. No one believed that they may one day suffer the consequences of the pandemic.

Stage of Anger

After denial comes to the stage of anger and with anger comes pain. Anger can be your great anchor when you’re sinking. Those facing the deadly virus were in anger. They showed their oppression towards their relatives, the government, the doctors, and even towards The almighty. Also, the imposition of lockdown made many people furious as for them, it was the invasion of their private life.

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Stage of Bargain

Before the loss, you will do anything to spare yourself and your closed ones from pain. At this stage, people often reminisce about their decisions and go through a series of “What if” statements. In this scenario, “what if lockdown has been imposed earlier” or “what would have happened if we have vaccines against the virus” etc.

State of depression

After reminiscing the past, the human mind tends to move towards their present. Feeling of emptiness takes root opening door to grief, loss, and distress. It is not wrong to say that our country is going through this phase of depression. Many people have lost their loved ones while the rest has seen the severe consequences the pandemic has brought down. Not only the economy but job losses, poverty, no wages are the main reasons people are getting more and more depressed and anxious.

The state of Acceptance

This is the final stage where the human mind accepts to live with its reality. It is when people start living again by reorganizing and reassigning themselves. The coronavirus is now becoming an integral part of our lives. People have already started re-adjusting their lives accordingly. The government has already given some relaxations in the lockdown. Decisions to open industries, offices, schools, shops are being made. The COVID 19 virus has given the world a “new reality” which mankind has to accept freely.

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To come out of the stress and anxiety, the world is facing at the moment, the human population needs to go through these five stages accordingly. Only then will they succeed in defeating this biological enemy. There is nothing permanent in life. Good and bad times are like seasons in which you have to adjust. Taking a handful of opportunities, make your path to new horizons.

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