TRANSforming Pride and Prejudice -An Anudip Foundation initiative to transform lives of Trans communities

  • Thought leaders and advocates dismissing the tainted outlook on the transgender community

Kolkata, 2nd August 2022: With an objective to create dialogue aiming to shun the prism through which the incredibly diverse TRANS community is viewed and continued to be tainted in all spheres of life, ANUDIP FOUNDATION, an Indian non-profit organization hosted a power-impact webinar session Trans_forming Pride and Prejudice on the 30th July, 2022, Saturday. The webinar introduced the non-profit’s diversity, equity, and inclusion cell called ANUDIP ASSOCIATION FOR DIVERSITY & INCLUSION (AADI) which promulgated questions, responses and discussions signaling the trans individuals emotional well-being, empowerment, and inclination to live with dignity with the rest of the world.

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Miss Ranjita Sinha, a front running Transgender activist, Mr. Pawan Dhall, a Kolkata-based LGBTQIA+ activist, archivist, researcher and writer, Miss Sudipa Chakraborty, a transgender social worker, Dr. Srenwantee Bhattacharjee, Assistant Professor in Social Work at St. Xavier’s University, Kolkata and Ms Sneha Sarcar, an experienced educationist and writer from Ireland, together with other eminent voices, thought leaders and passionate advocates were the key dignitaries who attended the event. The session addressed the dire need of raising increased awareness about the violence, discrimination, and stigma still faced by the Trans individuals, despite how the resilient, and strategic LGBTQIA+ leaders, allies, and civil society organizations in every country are working tirelessly to continue advancing the rights of all people across the diverse spectrum of sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions.

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CEO and Chief Mentor of the Human Transformation Model at Anudip Foundation, Ms Monisha Banerjee, emphasized, “At Anudip Association for Diversity and Inclusion, we will attempt to nullify the inequalities that the most vulnerable groups in the country face- especially those coming from economically weaker sections of society. This includes people with disabilities, gender non-conforming or non-binary people such as trans groups, children of sex workers, victims of trafficking etc. The issues faced by these groups are diverse and deep-rooted and call for initiatives and solutions that are transformational and long-term. In order to inch towards a truly inclusive society, one will need to work on anti – discriminatory policies, sensitization of all stakeholders, education, health and insurance, investment in trans specific diversity training and employment and more.”

The 120 hours of the webinar helped mobilize a surge of activism from leaders and advocates leaving the evening open to some thought provoking insights and commitment from ANUDIP to commence their humanitarian intervention to leverage Trans visibility, diversity, and perseverance in education, employment and technology livelihoods.

About Anudip Foundation

Anudip Foundation single-mindedly offers new-age skills through its 90+ training centers spread across 18 Indian States impacting 450,000+ underserved youth and successfully employing 75% of them in leading sectors. Established in 2007, Anudip focuses on developing technology driven-employability and entrepreneurship skills for crisis-stricken youth and women, giving them a chance to earn sustainable wages, triple their family incomes, and reap the long-term benefits of working in a structured environment. Their instructional design has been shaped by the deep understanding of

youth-behaviors, implemented through their technology-driven programs called Digital Inclusion of Young Aspirants’ (DIYA), Future Pro, DeepTech and Building Entrepreneurs to Stop Trafficking (BEST) Program.

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