Unravel the mystery of Bhangarh with Kahanikaar Sudhanshu Rai’s latest horror story


The existence of ghosts and spirits has been debated for centuries, but most of these debates have ended up being inconclusive. Those who are bitten by the travel bug and have a thing for the supernatural often take special delight in visiting places that are believed to be haunted. The list of haunted places in India is a long one, comprising abandoned forts, deserted villages and spooky hotels. But if there’s one place that tops every such list is the Bhangarh Fort, located near Alwar in Rajasthan, and merely 300 km away from our national capital. Kahanikaar Sudhanshu Rai’s latest horror story in Hindi makes us explore the hidden world of Bhangarh, a fort originally established by Madho Singh in 1631.

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The protagonist of the story is Siddhartha Mishra, a renowned filmmaker whose tryst for the best film of his career brings him to the mighty forts of Bhangarh. Siddhartha and his crew are already spooked as they have heard numerous folklores and stories about how the place is an enigma. In his bid to gain an authentic feel for his story, he arrives with his cast and crew, which includes a fading Bollywood star Kabir, at the fort and decides to film a shot in the darkness of night. Since their arrival, members of the crew continue to experience some unusual happenings. Despite their repeated requests, Siddhartha remains firm on his idea of shooting a sequence inside the fort at night.

But when they venture inside the fort, they had no idea about what would unfold in the moments ahead. Siddhartha pays no heed to the warnings by the guard at the fort as well as defies his strict call for not going beyond 500 metres from the entrance. What really happened when they started filming the sequence close to the fort? Was there really someone behind them breathing over their neck? Who were the distorted creatures who could be seen atop trees? Will Detective Boomrah be able to unravel the mystery?

These answers can be ascertained by listening to the story that is certain to send chills down your spine. Several stories have been written and films shot with Bhangarh as the basic premise, but hardly anyone has succeeded in depicting the true imagery and ambience of the haunted legend that’s Bhangarh. But the same does not stand true in the case of Kahanikaar Sudhanshu Rai’s story of Bhangarh Fort. You need to listen to it to experience it yourself!

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