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Data Science Courses

Today we are going to explain Data Science Definition & Example? Data Science Courses is the combination of various tools, algorithms, and machine learning principal with the aim to discover hidden patterns from the raw data. It is divided into two parts such as Data Analyst and Data Scientist. Data Analysts will celebrate what is going on by processing the history of the data. and Data Scientist will check data from many angles, Sometimes they need to create new angles. Data Science is mainly used for Decision Making with the help of predictive causal analytics, prescriptive analytics, and machine learning. Data Science Python, Ruby, & tableau are used in the backhand. Here we are going to explain Data Science work.

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Predictive Causal Analytics: It is used to create a program that can forecast the possibilities of a particular event in the future.

Prescriptive Analytics: It is used to create a program that has decision-making ability and can modify it with dynamic parameters.

Machine Learning for making predictions: It is used for creating a program for training machine on the basis of future trend records.

Machine Learning for Pattern Discovery: It is used to develop a program to find out the hidden pattern from the dataset to be able to make meaningful predictions.

Difference Between Business Intelligence & Data Science

Here we are going to differentiate Business Intelligence & Data Science Courses on the basis of their data source, approach, focus, and tools.

Data Sources: Business Intelligence sources will be structured on SQL, often Data Warehouse. On the other hand, Data Science should have structured and Unstructured sources on logs, cloud data, SQL, NoSQL, Text.

Approach: Business Intelligence has Statistics & Visualization approaches. on the other hand, Data Science has Statistics, Machine Learning, Graph Analysis, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) approaches.

Focus: Business Intelligence focuses on both past and present but Data Science focuses on Present & Feature.

Tools: Business Intelligence tools are Pentaho, Microsoft BI, QlikView, R, and Data Science Tools are RapidMiner, BigML, Weka, R.

Benefits of Data Science Courses

High Demand of Data Science

Data Science is in demand. There is number of job opportunities are available for Data Science. It is the fastest-growing career option for the future. Data Science provides the highest payable employment sector.

Plenty of Positions

There are lots of position are vacant of Data science sector due to less productivity of Data Scientist and Data Analytic in the market. High demand of Data Scientist in market will increase Data Science Salary packages. It is one of the highest-paid career options.

Data Science Enhance Data Better

Data scientists help company to take better decisions providing them expertise data. With the help of expertise data, they can launch their product as per the requirement of the market.

No More Boring Tasks

Data Scientist can do the job in various industries which deal with data. They can train machines by using old data and repetitive task histories for the future.
Data Science Courses & Tutorials

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