Why engineering? And how did I become one


Journey of Amitesh Nalin, Faculty – OCFP, Orchids The International School, Sector 56, Gurugram

One visit with my uncle to Projects & Development India Limited (PDIL), Noida, a premier Consultancy and Engineering Organization, was my first spark to pursue engineering as a profession. I have always wanted to become an engineer, and I decided that I would become one at the age of 10. My parents and my family were quite supportive and encouraged me to pursue my dream.

I have always been an introvert, and it took time for me to even initiate any conversation with people. My ambition on the one hand, and my personality on the other, was a rather difficult combination. To get into a premier institute such as IIT or NIT is always difficult without consistent performance and strong conviction. To ensure that I come out of my shell and focus on achieving my dreams, I joined the boarding school at Banaras during my higher secondary.

Did that help? Let me put it this way – the days spent at school were never the best ones in my life, but there came a moment when I decided never to look back, and from that day, I gave my all to be an engineer. The new school, new city, and new faces were something I found really difficult to accept and adjust to. It was not easy for me to open up to anyone, and I rarely made friends during my initial days. To top it off, the schedule was hectic, and the classes were in full swing. Every single festival – Holi, Diwali, Dussehra, everything flew by within a blink of an eye with no family or friends present.

There was too much pressure to secure good marks in boards. Coming from a family where everyone is well educated, the expectations were not something I could take in at that time. More than preparing myself for my boards, I started worrying about how others were preparing. One thing led to another and certainly affected my studies, and I failed in my pre-boards during Grade 12. My family was disappointed, and so was I. I was not sure what exactly led to this then, but now I know. The change in scenario, the constant pressure from society, and the long run without breaks to go beyond everyone’s expectations had taken a toll on my way towards my ambition. I still remember the harsh words of my teacher when she saw the results “you are a failure, and this proves that even if you work hard, you will not succeed in life”. That was a heavy blow, and from that moment, I decided to bounce back and did I? Absolutely, I disciplined, pushed myself, and kept reminding myself why I was here.

The only thing I found peace and solace in was that I started taking classes for underprivileged students outside the campus. That was a turning point in my life. I started to introspect whether I was doing justice to myself; I was given all the facilities to make a good career, and here are kids who find it difficult to make ends meet who come in enthusiastically to learn from me. That school was the end of so many things and the beginning of better days. 

In the next examination, I scored 100% in physics and chemistry, and then there was no turning back. The path I followed then was not an easy one for a 15-year-old to walk through. But my passion for engineering continued to be stronger. I continued classes for underprivileged students during my graduation as well as during my post-graduation from IIT-ISM, Dhanbad.

In 2019 I associated myself with Orchids The International School as their faculty for Orchids Career Foundation Programme, where I train students for every entrance exam. Above all, I believe I am giving shapes and wings to innocent minds and learning along with them in my pursuit of knowledge!

From my journey, the only thing that I can conclude is, “All that matters in life is conviction and perseverance. If you have these two, nothing can ever be a hurdle in your path to success.”

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