Why Should You Do A Summer Internship?


Shweta, a girl from Meerut experienced a drop in her self-confidence when she came to Delhi to pursue an MBA in HR and marketing from Rukmini Devi Institute of Advanced Studies, IP University. Her peers in Delhi already had a lot of exposure and were popular for participating in various activities and events at the college. Shweta was a bright student academically, but she felt the classroom walls were confining her from gathering the confidence to compete with other students. One day while browsing through her social media feed, she got to know about internships and it intrigued her. She started applying to internships and got herself an internship as a part time sales intern. During this internship, she had to travel to Tughlaqabad and educate the shopkeepers about the importance of online presence and digital marketing. This did wonders for her communication skills and self-confidence.

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She had an enriching internship experience and after this, she never looked back. She did some more internships as a content writer, as an HR, and later as a campus ambassador which made her the face of a company in her college campus. All these internship experiences helped her explore different career options she could pursue, polished her skills, and made her popular in her college. But, the most important thing she gained from these experiences was her self-confidence. Not anymore was she a naive girl from a small town. She was now a confident person who knew what she wanted to pursue as her profession and participated in various events confidently along with her college mates.

Summer brings along the longest breaks for the students and thus is the most favorable season to do internships. Internships help students build their skills in real time environment by offering them with the opportunity to earn professional experience before they even graduate or put their first step in the world of full-time jobs.

Duration of internships

The duration of internships usually ranges from 2-6 months providing students with the flexibility of choosing one as per their availability. To help you understand better, we have listed below a few reasons why you should do internships:

  1. Improve your skill-set: While interning for an organization, you get a live experience of working in a professional environment and an opportunity to learn professional communication. This sharpens your communication & interpersonal skills, strengthens your IQ, and improves your people & social skills. Also, you get to work on a lot of real-time projects, you take up new challenges and are needed to come up with a better solution on a daily basis, thus improving your problem-solving skills.

  1. Hands-on experience on the latest technology: While working in a professional environment, you learn a great deal about the latest technologies and methods that are used in the current market. This will not only give you work experience to show off on your resume but also make you adaptable to the frequent changes work and new practices incorporated.

  1. Explore your options: Internships usually don’t require long-term commitments which makes it the perfect way to explore your career options. You can do internships in different fields or different segments of one field. This will not only teach you a diverse range of skills but also give you a chance to get hands-on experience in various fields which may ultimately help you realise your true calling.

Students can also opt for Virtual or Work-from-Home internships

Internships also come with part-time or work-from-home options which gives students the flexibility of working along with their college. In fact, as per our data 75% of the students opt for virtual internships instead of the in-office ones. Now the question is how can you find an internship? Well, you can either find internships online or offline. Online means would include searching internships through online internship platforms, emailing universities, colleges, or professors, contacting HRs online, dropping your resume on the careers section of organizations, etc. You can also find internships through offline means like through your college placement cells, by visiting the organisations directly or reaching out to your college seniors, etc.

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Types of Summer Internships

With the availability of thousands of internship opportunities in almost every field, students have the benefit of choosing internships as per their interests and availability. Here we have talked about some of the most popular internship categories among both students and employers:

  1. Management: With the increase in students drifting towards careers in management, it is one of the most popular internship category offering various internship opportunities in marketing, HR, sales, operations, etc.

  2. Engineering: With rapid technological advancement, engineers are high in demand over a gamut of internships including web development, CAD design, product management, etc.

  3. Media: Some other popular internship profiles are content writing and social media marketing fueling to the demand of media internships. Media offers a range of opportunities including social media marketing, blogging, video making, journalism, content writing, etc.

  4. Design: Every next employer is hiring a designer these days which makes it a hot category to find internships especially in profiles like UI/UX design, graphic design, product design, interior design, etc.

Along with building your skills, internships bring the value of work experience to your resume. It helps you improve your communication skills, learn professional etiquettes and build your confidence which comes in handy to impress the employers when you are interviewing for your dream job. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab an internship this summer and make your vacation productive!

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Sarvesh Agrawal is the founder & CEO of Internshala (https://internshala.com) – an internship & training platform. An alumnus of IIT Madras, Sarvesh worked with Capital One, Barclays, and Aviva plc before starting up. From past 7 years, he is on a mission to build a ‘world-full of opportunities’ for students by providing meaningful internships and reducing the skill gap between the industry and the students.

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