World Citizen day: 19th November


World Citizen Day is an annual celebration that takes place on November 19 every year. Citizenship involves close contact with people of different cultures, religions, races, and places. It lets all the citizens of the world know all the other citizens of the world in the best possible way. World Citizens’ Day is celebrated to provide an opportunity for people to understand and see different types of people and their actions.

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Nowhere is there any mention of the first appearance of World Citizens’ Day. In 2000, the Association of World Citizens (AWC) passed a resolution proposing November 19 to be declared World Citizens Day. The Canada Center for World Citizens in 2002 launched Newsletter No. 11 to celebrate this day in Mississauga. Gerhard Hirschman invited World Citizens to a conference in Magdeburg in 2005. The purpose of Citizens’ Day is to make people realize that all the people of the world are united, and that any decision taken by a few will affect others.

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Despite the many differences, all citizens of the world are equal in terms of rights and duties. This day is therefore celebrated with great recognition of the need for cooperation and voluntary action. All citizens of the world have the potential to learn something from other people, cultures, and races. On this Day anyone must learn to respect the difference by recognizing in them what we all have in common.

How To Celebrate This Day

Learn about the different parts of the world and the people who live, their culture, their culture, their language, their religion, their race, and more. Encourage people around you to let them think that the world is one. It is the sole duty of every citizen of the world to know the importance of unity, unity and brotherhood. It makes people realize that humanity and human unity are what unites us all.

This day is celebrated as a new beginning of good deeds and deeds, and all citizens of the world should come close to human bondage. This day is considered to be a natural day that does not exist by force. No activity is involved at all. It is thought that there is a return to good health after illness, a return to love and understanding after hatred, and many others. This day explains that plants need to be cared for in a way that will allow them to blossom later.

Various conferences and conferences are held to understand the view of the day that globalization is a natural change without violence and without the destruction of the past. Globalization is the idea that anything that happens in one part of the world or in one group of people has a certain effect on another part of the world or on another type of people.

Symbol Of World Citizen Day

The date is set under the sign of the priest Hermes Trismegistus, who is believed to have lived in Egypt during the time of Moses. Hermes had taught Moses about the Light where people’s lives thrive and continue. Hermes was also a teacher of Orpheus, and he taught the structure of the earth to Pythagoras and Plato. Therefore, there is the sign of Aurea Catena, the Golden Chain, which is an unbroken series of intellectuals, from the time of Hermes to the present day. The series also illustrates the connection between heaven and earth. Figuratively speaking, the Aurea Catena series was found in a 1488 statue of the Siena Cathedral, Italy, in which there are two statues, one from the East and one from the West, which helps to obtain orders from Hermes. This clearly shows that Knowledge and wisdom are flowing east and west symbolizing nationalism.

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