World First Aid Day : विश्व प्राथमिक चिकित्सा दिवस


World First Aid Day is celebrated on 11 September all over the world. This day is celebrated to make people aware of the importance of first aid. Getting the right aid at the right time, how important it is to save a life, it is very important to reach every person. Many times in accidents, if the right aid or treatment is not received at the right time, the life of a person is in danger. For example, many times we can bandage them when they get hurt in road accidents so that they do not bleed much till they reach the hospital, but many lives are lost due to lack of awareness of these treatments. For this it is very important that every person should have their information. This is the main purpose of celebrating First Aid Day.

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The International Meeting of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) started “World First Aid Day” in the year 2000. Then every year since the year 2000, it is celebrated all over the world and people are made aware of it. It is an annual campaign, in which people are made aware about how important first aid is. First aid should be free for all, including those from the most vulnerable sections, because those who belong to the weaker sections or poor people are unable to deposit so much money for treatment, so it was proposed to make it free.

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Treatment is free in many government hospitals but medicines cost money, the government is working on it and we hope that soon they will come out with some more good schemes of treatment for the poor because the development of every country is for their lowest and weakest people. It is seen with eyes. Their development is the real development of the country.

So what is first aid? Well,Before taking any injured or sick person to the hospital, the effort that we can make to save his life, so that his life can be saved till he goes to the hospital, we call it first aid. To save the life of the person lying in that emergency, we can use any type of object nearby, so that he can get relief as soon as possible till he can be taken to the hospital. In the first aid, it is not necessary that only medicines should be included in this, we can also include some home remedies like turmeric works as the best antiseptic for bleeding. It helps in stopping our blood from flowing.

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First aid can be given in some of the following emergency situations such as suffocation (due to drowning in water, due to hanging or any foreign object stuck in the windpipe), heart failure – heart attack, bleeding, physical In poisoning effect, burns, heat stroke (lack of water in the body due to excessive heat), unconsciousness or coma, sprains, fractures and bites of an animal.

So all of you understand the importance of first aid and also explain it to others, because there is life only if there is a world. Your one effort can save someone’s life. Never be careless.

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