5 reasons you should think of shifting to freelance jobs

Following article has been written by Ayush Goyal, CEO & Founder, Expertright.com


The working patterns in the workspace across all sectors is witnessing a paradigm shift as people are now looking towards the possibility of freelance jobs rather than 9-5 office jobs. There are several reasons like low cost to company, personal liberty, choice of work type etc. that are motivating both the companies and working professionals to choose freelance jobs. While freelance jobs are a much prevalent concept in the western countries, this trend is relatively new in the India. People have started to understand the ease and less stressful working patterns in the freelance workspace. For a better understanding of those looking towards the possibility of opting for freelance jobs, here are five reasons why you should think of shifting to a freelance job.

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  1. Higher levels of flexible working– Working on freelance projects provides higher flexibility in your working patterns. While you are bound to complete a project in the given time, the flexibility of working in the comfort of your home as per your own convenience is the benefit that comes along with freelance jobs. You do not have to stick to the 9-5 pattern of work timing. This additionally helps one to manage both their personal and professional life well.
  1. Steady income stream– It is essential for the freelancers to develop a strong client base or you can also liaison with freelance service providers like ExpertRight.com that provides numerous job listings to choose from. This helps you develop an authentic relationship with several clients in your field of work along with opening gates to a steady income and growth.
  1. Creative Liberty– While you work as a freelancer, you are your own boss and this allows you to work beyond any constraints and follow your creative extinct. It gives you the liberty to experiment with your thought process and apply new ideas in your projects. This ultimately leads to not just your professional but also your personal growth.
  1. Provides both Long term and Short term opportunities– Unlike the 9-5 jobs, the advantage of being a freelancer is that you can choose when to work and when not to. You can take both short term and long term projects based on your necessity and availability to work. In case you are looking to work for only 4-5 hours, in such cases short term projects provides you good remuneration for the work you do.


  1. No one is your Boss!- We cannot disagree on the fact that honesty, timeliness and commitment are what makes you a successful professional. In case of freelancing jobs, you do not have any constant monitoring as a freelancer i.e. no one is your boss and so this helps an individual in growing independently. But at the same time it is essential that one adheres to the authenticity and quality of his/her work.

9-5 jobs may provide you fixed work timings with fixed incomes but the liberty of working on your terms is what comes with freelance jobs. The reasons why the millennials today are shifting to this independent way of working is not just for the ease of work but also for the future that the freelance industry holds for these professionals. Today, several small and big companies are opting to outsource work rather than hiring permanent employees as it saves on the workspace cost. So, to keep up with this changing trend all working professionals must start looking towards the opportunities that freelancing offers.

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