Child’s safety : A matter of utmost priority for parents

Evoxyz, Child's safety

New Delhi, October,2017- Recent incidents have shook the country and has raised questions on child’s security in schools. This requires a surge need of platforms which helps parents to send their children to school, tension free. While the parents are questioning the capabilities of safety measures taken by the authorities it is important to bridge this gap. In order to eliminate the problem, Evoxyz Technologies is using a path breaking technology to help parents to micro-scan their child’s moment   and is used for real time school-parent communication and school management. The move is a step forward in ensuring the safety of students at school. Evoxyz Technologies is a scalable and highly configurable platform for micro location tracking that can be easily integrated by other solution providers to enable quick development of location based solutions.

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These are Bluetooth Low Energy devices for children and all staff members, including teachers, nannies, guards and administration. With these Evotags, individuals are tracked in real time in all indoor locations, even in areas where CCTV surveillance in not possible, like inside washrooms. This system helps in generating alerts to the security and administration when there is possibility of an incident happening. When the system detects location of the child or a person where he or she is not expected to be or is spending more time than desired, it alerts the safety/administration/IT department, so that action can be taken well within time .These EvoTag has Intelligent Alerting System which sends real time alerts to the school safety department in the following cases –

– If the child is at one particular place longer than expected

– If the staff member is at unforeseen location

– In case of no movement of both children and staff

EvoSchool App 

This is an app  for school authorities and parents to access immediate location alerts, location log and auto attendance from in building premises of the school. The app lets parents to know about child’s movement and thus let parents be at ease.

About Evoxyz

The platform not only enables the solution provider to build quality solutions but also provides them a variety of rich features based on its data analytics engine which are specific to the solution domain such as Child Security, Health Care, Retails Customer Experience enhancement, Home Security, and lost & found, to name a few.

Evoxyz, a Gurgaon based start-up is a unique apparatus providing location services in the sense that it pioneers the micro-location tracking space, focusing on being an enabler for the entire ecosystem of location based solutions.

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