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About Classplus

Classplus: The instant boom in the edtech start-up business in India is a fact unanimously approved of and shows the changing pattern and requirement of society at large. This rise in the online platform for learners is important to upskill the knowledge and embellish the capabilities of its stakeholders, as a need for top educational companies that will train the best educators of the time and generation and become prominent. This need, once, fulfilled, had a transforming potential of influencing the edutech startup world incredibly. Many companies rose from the demand, but Classplus is a name that is distinguished and bright. 

Classplus is an ed-Tech start-up company working on education by powering them with digital tools and resources which helps in transforming the world and become future-ready.

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The educational platforms of Classplus are industry-first oriented which prompts educators and students to unfold their actual potential across the country on a streamlined platform with top-notch technology.

This edutech startup comprises a dedicated team of more than 300 professionals with impressive experiences that connects and fuels a nationwide community of educators online to focus on teaching. The administrative tasks that can be mundane for educators are handled by these professionals while the educators put their complete priority over the education of their students. 

Classplus’s Founding Story

Classplus was started by Mukul Rastagi and Bhaswat Agarwal in September 2015. Initially, it was known as XPrep but later on, it was changed to classplus. 

Mukul states, “Bhaswat and I first bumped into each other in our IIT-JEE coaching classes, back in 2008, when we were in class XI. An episode that occurred around nine months before our JEE exam.” Mukul recalls the incident of parents who started to withdraw their kids from the coaching centre, which ultimately was shut down. This of course came as a shock to both Mukul and Bhaswat as they were unaware of the fact that they would crack one of the toughest exams of India without any proper coaching. The real reason why the parents started to withdraw decades from the coaching classes was revealed later on. The parents were dissatisfied because they were unaware of the regular updates of how their kids performed in the classes. 

Mukul admits and mentions being sluggish and lazy on moving forward for some time or say months, after the incident. And also that the trauma inflicted from this continues to live with him till yet.  

Until 2015 rolled around, both Mukul and Bhaswat were unsuccessfully working on multiple ideas and pilots for an educational venture. For detailed research and several months being spent in Kalu Sarai, Delhi’s largest coaching market hub, over 500 interactions and students insights were recorded to understand and lay the stepping stone to the part of the problem, that is the gaps in the K-12 private coaching segment. After accumulating numerous data points and a lot of brainstorming, they finally launched their own online edtech company Classplus. 

Mukul is an IIT Roorkee graduate and worked at Futures First for a few years while Bhaswat hails from NSIT and has worked with Microsoft before beginning for Classplus. 

The duo was subsequently joined by three batchmates and dear companions — Bikash Dash, Vatsal Rustagi, and Nikhil Goel, who are likewise a piece of the establishing group. Bikash was then running a startup called while Vatsal is a DCE graduate, and Nikhil is an NSIT former student and was with Broadcom. 

Supported by a group of 25 individuals, Classplus has raised an undisclosed first round of capital from Rising Stars, a Netherlands-based VC firm, and other private backers like Pallav Pandey (COO – Knowlarity) and Manish Amin. The brand is close to the second round of financing soon.

The journey of Classplus over the years

Up until this point, more than 1 Lakh teachers have effectively set up their online business through Classplus and more than 7 Million understudies across 1100+ Indian urban cities are utilizing Classplus for collaborating with their instructors. 

This edtech company’s extraordinary experience and industry-first stage in the nation has been advanced by financial investors from five nations.

Improvements over the year

As an advanced computerized circulation stage for instructive substance and items, Classplus’ online stores empower teachers to make video content and online appraisals accessible to understudies. 

India holds a significant spot in the worldwide schooling industry. The nation has more than 1.5 million schools with more than 260 million understudies and around 751 colleges and 35,539 universities. Recognizing the developing capability of the area, various new edtech companies have entered the instruction area to disturb the space with the force of innovation which is popularly known as edtech startups

The Significance of Classplus and what makes it different

Offering helpful highlights like online tasks, expense the board of understudies, execution following and test reports, and live visits with the coach, among others, the Classplus application has three unique modes for educators, students, and guardians.

Classplus reassures the parents of its learners about its services and motive regularly. Guardians can sign in utilizing the parent mode and get planned for their children. Once actuated, they can keep up to date with their kid’s advancement through warnings. Guardians can likewise utilize the application to straightforwardly talk with educators and have any questions settled.

Since its entrance into the online edtech business in 2015, Classplus has witnessed over 25000 downloads. The brand has cooperated with training foundations and educational cost communities, and is available across 10 urban areas in India including Delhi, Ghaziabad, and Agra, among others.

The easy-to-use interface has made it simple for me to keep track of a large number of students, fees, attendance, etc,” says Gyanendra Singh, a tutor at Kgyan Institute.

Classplus gives coaches the simplicity of dealing with a study hall readily available, assisting them with putting time in sustaining understudies.

The CEO and Co-founder of Classplus, Mukul Rustagi mentions, The app has been created as a zero-typing product, keeping in mind its usability for middle-aged tutors. By a zero-typing product, we mean that a tutor requires minimal typing effort to use the product.

The founder guarantees the UX of the item has been planned as a way that activities are either as snaps or drag-drops for a guide. Exercises like making plans, relegating tests and the following advancement don’t need the mentor to type any longer. Since these are high-recurrence activities, it is unmerited to anticipate that the users should participate in a ton of composing. This is an endeavour to work with a simpler appropriation going ahead.

The Goal of Classplus

The stage accepts that engaging the teachers is critical to reinforce India’s schooling area. A simple to-utilize innovation can build their yield complex and assist them with conveying customized schooling, in the genuine sense, even inside a classroom.

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