Language of Friendship is not words but meaning


By a student Urvi Mhaske, Orchids The International School

My Little Pony 

My favourite friendship movie is My Little Pony. In the movie one day, a girl name Twilight loves to read books. There was a Princess in that city and the princess’s name was Celestia. 

Twilight don’t have any friend and next day was princess Celestia birthday, everyone had to celebrate even the other city people also have to celebrate. 

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That day princess told Twilight that you have to go to Ponywill city and help the people and make new friends. 

Twilight’s pet whose name is dragon made a checklist and Twilight made new friends Flettershy, Rarty, Applejack. Pinkypie and Rain-bow-das. They all went to jungle because there came a big big dinosaur. She holded her friend’s hand and win from the dinosaur. 

This movie tells us friends always help each other no matter what.

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