National Journalism Day


Every year National Journalism Day is celebrated on 17 November in India. On this day we celebrate freedom of speech, thought and beauty as well as the role of the media in building our society.


During the 1920’s, author Walter Lippmann and American philosopher John Dewey exchanged views on the role of National Journalism Day in a democratic society. This was a time when modern journalism began to take root.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Role Of Journalism

National Journalism Day plays the role of mediator between the community and policymakers. This role was performed by a journalist. They used to listen to and record the message of the main people. This message was processed and passed on to the public in the form of information.

Legal Status Of Journalism

The Government of India has introduced various policies and practices for journalists, indicating the extent of research and writing, and what media organizations can publish. Journalists have certain rights that the public does not have, and they can also ask senior officials, politicians, celebrities and other people. Those journalists who are involved in sensitive issues are given special protection by the government.

The code of ethics for journalism contains ethical principles and good practices that apply to the various challenges journalists face. This is known as “code of conduct” or “journalism principles“. This is followed by professional journalism organizations as well as broadcast and online news organizations. A journalist must follow the principles of honesty, integrity, neutrality, legitimacy and public accountability. This will lead to the conversion of information into social media.

The code of ethics for journalism includes the principle of “harm reduction”, which prohibits harm done to human dignity, including the names of minors, victims of crime, and other citizens.

Some interactions with various sources require that journalists remain confidential. This is an extension of media freedom that provides legal protection for journalists and that keeps the identity of the secret source in the market even if it is wanted by the government. There are many types of prevention that can prevent media coverage and concerns that are considered sympathetic to the government.

During the 20th century, a well-known journalist appeared, focusing on the lives of celebrities, including movie stars, beauticians, and other celebrities in the entertainment industry. This also looks at people who want attention as politicians. A celebrity journalist is different from writing things, as the first one focuses on people who already know them well and are famous.    

Press Council Of India

Justice Chandramauli Kumar Prasad is the current chairman of the Press Council of India. He has been re-elected. He replaced Justice Markandey Katju (2011-2014) and chaired the council.

Law For Journalism

The Indian government has set different rules for journalists. The policies aim for their magnitude of testing. It also includes whether the Press should broadcast or not.

They are given some power unlike the average person and can take interviews with celebrities, politicians and other celebrities.Some journalists have been provided special protection by the government in terms of their work.


In schools, colleges and journalism centers this day is celebrated and encourages students to become media.

At the event, they invited and paid homage to some of the country’s most famous journalists.

They try to make them happy, to feel special and to appreciate their self-sacrificing work on this day by rewarding them.Our government honors journalists by awarding them for their memorable contribution to journalism.

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