Nestaway launches The Hello World to foray into co-living and student housing

Nestaway launches The Hello World
  • The Hello World is a subsidiary of Nestaway Technologies and will be focusing on co-living, and student housing.
  • Hello World started in April 2019, and in the last 5 months has expanded to 15 cities across India and with 10,000 beds and at 90% + occupancy rate.
  • Hello World focuses on providing emotional safety for urban migrants to find a sense of belonging in a new city

Nestaway Technologies, India’s largest managed home rental network, today announced the launch of The Hello World, an independent subsidiary of Nestaway that will focus on Co-Living and Student Housing. By leveraging technology, Hello World wants to provide a way of living that is high on convenience and low on compromise for young urban migrants, with spaces just like home.

Hello World is currently present in 15 cities, including Bangalore, Hyderabad Delhi/NCR, Pune, Kota & Dehradun, among others. In the last 5 months, Hello World is 10,000 beds strong with an impressive occupancy rate of 90 per cent. Hello World customers will have access to their own private space, community gatherings in their buildings, smart-tech security systems, housekeeping, 24/7 concierge service, internal transfers to any other property with just 1-month rent as security deposit and zero brokerage fee.

Almost 90% of the millennial population in America have a roommate. In a similar trend, the millennial population in India prefers to stay in a community where they not only share space but also share their interests, passions, and dreams. At HelloWorld, we host well-designed community events that bind the residents together, enriching them emotionally. For us, emotional safety is a big priority as physical safety,”said JitendraJagadev, Founder, The Hello World

It’s important for urban migrants to find a sense of belonging in a new city and a place to call home. Hence, our key focus will always be to provide emotional safety to our customers while encouraging community living,” he added.

With the aim of building communities for students and urban migrants, Hello World will provide them with all the amenities that are required when moving to a new city. A Hello World membership will also allow them access to engaging community activities, weekly gatherings, and a thriving online community to exchange conversations, common interests and meet like-minded people.

Hello World believes in providing a stress-free and healthy living environment by offering additional benefits including therapy dogs in properties and free food samples for a day, amongst others. Accommodating students is a very critical aspect, especially when they move to a new city. Hello World provides free stays for the parents who come to meet their children and specially designed queen-sized beds & rooms for the LGBTQ+ community.

Over the next 2-3 months, Hello World plans to launch in 9 more cities across the country aiming to reach 50,000+ beds in the next year.

About Hello World:

Hello World is an independent subsidiary of Nestaway Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and will be focusing on co-living, and student housing. The company currently has 10,000 beds occupied in already live in 15 cities including Bangalore, Kota, Pune, Delhi NCR, Dehradun and Hyderabad.

Hello World membership will provide young urban migrants with a comfortable and a hassle-free way of living with access to community activities, weekly gatherings, housekeeping, 24/7 concierge service, round-the-clock smart security, assistance with maintenance, in just 1-month rent as security deposit and no brokerage fees. The company leases out the entire land/ building to develop purpose-built rental housing with a distinct identity. For example, all the buildings in Kota have been named after famous scientists.

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