Pacific World School reinvokes Gandhian philosophy among students in creatively inspiring ways


Gandhian ideologies and socialism are symbols of the Indian Independence movement and freedom struggle. It was the basis of Indian Swaraj against the stench of British colonialism. The Pacific World School, on a day before the Gandhi Jayanti, organized a host of reflective activities in remembrance of Mahatma Gandhi and his noble deeds, which shaped the country’s future. The school children were equally enthusiastic about the event and participated in each and every activity.

The first program lined up for students was ‘Slogan Writing’. The students wrote succinct two-three liners and presented a strident satire on social menaces and doom, stamping the country’s growth like corruption, violence, and intolerance. It was an effort to promote the ideals of ‘non-violence’, which Mahatma Gandhi held dear.

In a bid to make students’ eloquence and articulation skills better and refined, Pacific World School arranged a poem composition competition themed on ‘My Ideal Nation’. The participants of the poetry competition envisioned India as a self-reliant country and reiterated Gandhi’s ways to accomplish that goal. It was a perfect semblance of how ideologies of modern history can be adopted to put an end to concurrent fundamentalism.

A Swachta Abhiyan was also organized on the school premises to teach students the value of personal and community cleanliness. A community cleaning activity took place which saw the participation of thousands of students who learned how important it is to stay humble and perform each task and respect every profession without downgrading or demeaning it.

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The senior students took part in an article-writing competition in which they used freedom of expression to highlight how India’s youth can transform the country’s progress by using Gandhi’s political and social viewpoints and practices.

Pooja Bose principal of Pacific World School remarked, “Mahatma Gandhi’s political legacy has been etched in history in golden words. He, by his choice, did not become a political leader but was a statesman in a true sense. He had the power to influence a million minds, empower them, and use his idealistic and soft power to tread them towards the path of Indian Independence. He is tall order to match and leaders like him come once in eons. The Pacific World School celebrated Gandhi Jayanti with fervor and engaged students on a large level so that they can become the modern ideologues of Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophies.”

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