SVP India Presents ‘Setu’ – Bridging the Gap: An Evening of Giving


~Embracing Sharon Salzberg’s Wisdom: An Evening of Giving As Generosity Takes Center Stage~

Kolkata- In an era where meaningful change and philanthropic endeavors hold profound importance, Social Venture Partners (SVP) India is delighted to host “Setu” – Bridging the Gap, An Evening of Giving. As the largest platform for engaged philanthropy in the country for over a decade now, SVP India is all set to host its Annual Fund Raising event at the illustrious Taj Bengal on Friday, October 6th, 2023.

SVP India’s mission with Setu is to offer individuals a platform for active involvement in philanthropy, fostering a sense of fulfillment through a lifelong commitment to giving. The overarching goal of each of the 40 SVP Chapters around the world is to unite individuals driven by a shared passion for creating a positive impact within their local communities while also harnessing the corporate sector’s influence to generate extra funds for the NGOs we endorse.

On the evening of October 6th, coinciding with the nationwide celebration of ‘Daan Utsav,’ the Kolkata Chapter of SVP India is thrilled to present to the vibrant City of Joy, four remarkable not-for-profit organizations amongst many other remarkable entities that they support. Each of these organizations has compelling narratives of profound transformation. These are the NGOs that SVP India supports in Kolkata, and they are poised to expand their impact significantly.

The four distinguished NGOs that will be presented at ‘Setu’ are:

  • Calcutta Foundation: A dynamic organization focused on “Women Empowerment and Sustainable Livelihoods.”
  • Help Us Help Them: A passionate group dedicated to “Educating Underprivileged Children.”
  • Vaani Deaf Children’s Foundation: Pioneers in “Early Childhood Deafness Intervention and Support.”
  • Vihaan: Committed to “Making Human Trafficking a Rarity.”

These organizations have already made substantial strides in their respective fields and are prepared to achieve even greater milestones with invaluable support of Calcutta and its people.

The evening will be graced by the esteemed Chief Guest, Ashish Dhawan, Founder & CEO of The Convergence Foundation. Mr. Dhawan is also the Chairperson of Ashoka University and the Founder of ChrysCapital. He is a distinguished philanthropist dedicated to accelerating India’s economic growth and development, with a diverse portfolio spanning education, economic empowerment, and sustainability. Notably, Mr. Dhawan also serves on the Board of The Gates Foundation.

Reflecting on this momentous occasion, Sunil Bhandari, Chapter Chairperson, SVP India – Kolkata, stated, “We envision ‘Setu’ to be a unique event where we will be inspired by extraordinary stories of change and resilience, touching our hearts and minds. Philanthropy is both a mind-set and a heartfelt decision, and we aspire for this event to beautifully exemplify this essence.”

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This extraordinary gathering promises to be a testament to the power of generosity, a symphony of inspiring stories, and a catalyst for forging profound connections between impassioned individuals and transformative NGOs. 

Venue: Taj Bengal

Date: Friday, October 6th

Time: 6:30PM onwards

For more details: Snigdha Shah, CEO, SVP India – Kolkata

Quotes From SVP India

Ravindra Chamaria, Chapter Mentor, SVP India – Kolkata

‘When God blesses you, don’t just raise your standard of living; raise your standard of giving.’

As the Chapter Mentor of SVP India – Kolkata Chapter, I have always believed in the power of impact achieved via small, sustained investments leading to larger outcomes. Through their novel initiative Setu, I believe that SVP is aiming to leverage the power of its network to help the identified NGOs raise funds. I wish them every success.

Harsh Hada, Partner, SVP India – Kolkata

“With Setu, SVP is trying to put together an annual event dedicated to the NGO’s of the city. The work and effort put in by so many noteworthy NGO’s often goes unrecognised and at the same time there is a thriving community which is looking at supporting some worthwhile causes and doesn’t know where to start. Setu as the name suggests aspires to be a bridge between best in class NGO’s and the city’s corporate and HNI community. This year we shall present a diverse range of NGO’s working in the fields of education, women empowerment, disability and trafficking. SVP and its partners have engaged with these NGO’s for some time now and thus can 

vouch for their credibility and the impact which they are creating. We do hope the city comes together to support this initiative of ours.”

About SVP India

SVP is India’s largest platform for engaged philanthropy. Social Venture Partners – is a novel model that focuses on giving, mentoring and building capacity to increase impact. SVP India is a group of 550 successful individuals (entrepreneurs, executives, academics, and homemakers, spread across 8 cities in India) who have come together to create philanthropic success stories. Many individuals have been a part of this like-minded community since SVP started creating engaged philanthropic journeys in India in 2012. The SVP India Board has Ajit Rangnekar, (ex Dean ISB), Govind Iyer (Ex-Partner, Egon Zehnder; Board Member, Infosys), Prasad Baji (Ex-Edelweiss), Rati Forbes, (Forbes Foundation) and Amita Chauhan (Parle Group). The purpose is to provide individuals with a way to engage with philanthropy, and to bring fulfilment through a lifetime of giving. The Kolkata Chapter of SVP India turned 5 in April 2023. Additionally, SVP India turned 10 in November 2022.

The objective of every SVP Chapter (of which there are 40 worldwide), is to bring together people who are passionate about making a difference in their local community and also leverage the power of the corporates to raise additional funds for the NGOs we support. 

At SVP, beyond and more than mere cheque writing, many of our partners spend time with the carefully chosen non-profits, giving of their skills and competence. In return, they learn a lot about ground level realities of the social sector and help smaller community-based organisations develop and grow. In Kolkata, to date, we have worked with over 14 non-profits and are currently engaged in funding and strengthening the work of 10 non-profits.

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Here is a little introduction to each of them:-

VIHAAN is an NGO, which works with victims of sexual abuse and exploitation, bonded, and child labour, domestic servitude and beggary. In Sanskrit, VIHAAN means the first rays of the morning Sun which stands for hope and freedom, resonating with the outcome of their mission which is to facilitate protection of vulnerable women and children from situations of human trafficking and other forms of abuse and exploitation. They are empowered through care, quality education, livelihood opportunities, and access to justice and collaborative action, enabling the creation of a resilient and sustainable society. 

VAANI Deaf Children’s Foundation is a pioneering non-profit organization founded in 2005 and is the first national NGO in India to focus exclusively on issues related to 

childhood deafness. With a strong commitment to addressing the unique needs of hearing-impaired children, VAANI provides comprehensive and holistic services that encompass social, emotional, communication, language development, and educational support. 

CALCUTTA FOUNDATION is a 29-year-old organisation with a legacy of supporting communities at the grassroot. Today, its flagship programme, Apni Kutir has been designed with the vision of creating spaces for women that are committed to her progress, her growth and fulfilling her dreams. Apni Kutir, is a place where every woman can be who she dreams to be. It is a center of progress that supports women in every step of their journeys toward financial independence. Through three verticals: skilling & literacy, individual development, and community building, Kutirs facilitate opportunities and experiences that our women never before have had.

HELP US HELP THEM is a non-profit organization working since 2006 catering to the needs of education and overall development of deprived children. Till date approximately 3800 first generation learners have been enrolled with them. They are already running two projects – Rural school at Mallickpur and School-On- Wheels with 35 faculty members and 600 students. The team is coming up with a free residential learning centre- Adhigam Bhoomi – “Apni Mitti Se Judi Shiksha” for 1000 rural girls from 6 years to 16 years who will come from the remote areas of West Bengal and from needy backgrounds.

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