Thakur International School – Cambridge addresses critical teen developmental issues by organizing a session with world renowned mental health counselor

Thakur International School

Thakur International School Cambridge organized a workshop by renowned psychiatrist Dr Kersi Chevda. This workshop was held for students across grades 8 to 12 along with their parents between 10 am and 11.30 am. An open discourse about developmental issues was critical for students as they are in the midst of their formative years.  And a session by a brilliant speaker with highly respected credentials aligned with the belief system and culture of Thakur International School – Cambridge which encourages the comprehensive progress of its wards.  

Shockingly, between 2007 and 2016, an astounding 75,000 students took their own lives. This accentuated the need to educate both students and parents regarding issues that are vital to managing the transition from being a teenager to a young adult. This workshop covered various critical topics including basic developmental issues, academic issues, anxiety, aggression, sexuality, depression, suicide, motivational aspects and impact of substance issues.

As the past President of Bombay Psychiatry Society and a consultant at some of the leading hospitals in India, Dr Kersi has been dedicated to the cause of creating awareness about school psychiatry and counselling among others. The progressive stand taken by him regarding the LGBTQ community while issuing a position statement was quoted in the landmark judgement by two of the five learned judges while repealing Section 377.

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Dr Kersi Chavda kept the audience enthralled with his passion and knowledge about this complex subject. Both parents and children were encouraged to pose a variety of questions which were patiently answered by him. Even teachers could get their queries resolved.

Karishmma V Mangal, the Director and Trustee of Thakur International School Cambridge opined “We have always evangelized the cause of holistic education rather than only focusing on academics. We are humbled that such a world class expert was kind enough to spend time with our children, parents and teachers to speak forthrightly about issues that one may feel awkward to talk about.”

I have always felt that it is important for parents as well as their teenagers to be honest, rational, open minded and progressive while having a dialogue about various mental and physical developmental issues. This will certainly ensure that our young adults become happier and well-rounded individuals” felt Dr Kersi.

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