The Shri Ram Wonder Years Sparks Joy with Fun & Refreshment Day


The Shri Ram Wonder Years celebrated a delightful Fun & Refreshment Day with great zeal and enthusiasm. The event witnessed the young kids embracing the joy of learning through various engaging and entertaining activities. The Nanhe Kadam munchkins, full of excitement, spent the day in a joyful and educational manner, learning to make and savour a delightful Banana Smoothie.

As they pretended to be little chefs, their eyes sparkled with happiness while they prepared the delicious smoothie using fresh bananas and chocolate syrup. Meanwhile, students from other levels participated in fun games that used hula hoops, balls, and chairs as props. These activities provided them with a refreshing break and instilled teamwork and creativity among the young minds.

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The adorable toddlers of Pehle Kadam enjoyed some unique and interactive activities, including observing themselves in mirrors, engaging in fold games, and navigating through a maze, which kept them engrossed and entertained throughout the day.

Ms. Shubhi Soni, Principal, The Shri Ram Wonder Years, expressed her delight in witnessing the children actively engaging in such fun and educational activities. She said, “The aim behind celebrating Fun & Refreshment Day was to provide a well-rounded learning experience to our young learners. We believe that education should be a journey filled with joy and excitement. Such events rejuvenate the students and nurture their creative and cognitive abilities.”

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