Barista celebrates Chandrayaan 2 with Moon shaped Chocolate


New Delhi, September 05, 2019: Barista – a leading coffee chain in India is celebrating successful moon landing by offering special moon-shaped chocolates with every Barista product that will be bought by consumers on Sept 7-8, 2019. The giveaways come wrapped in special packaging depicting a magical vision of the space, the moon with the Lander and rover used in Chandrayaan 2 mission. Termed as “Sweet Glory”, Barista taps into the patriotic spirit of coffee lovers on this glorious moment of the moon mission.

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With Chandrayaan 2, India aims to explore the Moon’s South Polar Region where no country has ever reached as yet and therefore it is considered as one of the boldest attempts in the history of the world. The success of this mission will bring a new sense of pride among Indians and Barista is felicitating this new start with the special moon-shaped chocolates.

Mr Puneet Gulati, CEO, Barista said “Barista congratulates ISRO for the successful launch and wish for successful landing event of Chandrayaan 2. As one of the most ambitious missions of India, every milestone achieved in Chandrayaan 2 calls for a celebration. It is indeed a ‘sweet glory’ and we at Barista are celebrating this glorious moment with coffee lovers with special chocolate giveaways because whether it’s a coffee or a special occasion for our customer No one blends like Barista.”

Coffee lovers can enjoy these sweet treats along with their favourite Barista coffees or snacks, in Barista outlets around them. Made with fine quality chocolate, the special treat is a true delight for chocolate lovers and complements the premium taste of Barista beverages and food items. 

About Barista Coffee Company Limited

Established in year 2000, Barista Coffee Company is the pioneer of coffee culture in India. The Barista Café chain of espresso bars delivers a truly Italian coffee experience in warm, friendly and relaxed environment. It provides a comfortable place for people to unwind over interesting conversations and a hot cup of coffee. The Barista Coffee Company Limited has over 225 Barista Coffee Espresso Cafe and Barista Coffee Kiosks across India including its Franchise partners. Besides India, Barista Coffee also has cafés in locations across Sri Lanka & Myanmar.

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