EdDeeD Education Expo – 2023, Where Learning Meets Fun in a Carnival of Education


The largest Parent Led Education Expo

Bengaluru,21th September: We are excited to announce the upcoming 5th annual Education expo 2023, an extraordinary event dedicated to the exploration of new ideas, best practices, and groundbreaking innovations in the field of education. Whether you’re a teacher, administrator, researcher,parent or simply passionate about the future of learning, this summit is the perfect opportunity to connect, learn, and collaborate with like-minded individuals from around the city.

EdDeeD is a search and discovery platform for K-12 education. We help in choosing the RIGHT schools, RIGHT activities/tuitions and RIGHT careers in education

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Sandhya Viswan,Co-founder and COO Edbuddies Education Private limited ( EdDeeD),alongside its core mission of connecting parents with the RIGHT school and activities for their children, this year’s edition also provides a series of insightful discussions on education, parenting, and schooling. This expo is the perfect opportunity to connect, learn and collaborate with like-minded individuals from around the city. With a focus on empowering parents to make well-informed choices, the event will be a one-stop destination for parents seeking to navigate the complex landscape of education.

In addition to facilitating parent-school connections, EdDeeD will also be host to our signature contests to showcase their expertise and creativity. Among the highlights of this year’s contests, is the “Dazzling Champs Contest”, a platform exclusively designed for the youngest members of our community, ages 1 to 5. Interested parents to register their child before the closing date of August 30th, 2023.

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In a move that showcases the event’s commitment to nurturing innovation from a young age, the EdDeeD Expo 2023 introduces the “Kidspreneur stalls.” These stalls will provide a stage for our budding young entrepreneurs, giving them the opportunity to display their innovative products and creative ventures. With the intention of fostering an entrepreneurial spirit from an early age, this addition promises to be an inspiring experience for attendees, shedding light on the potential of our youth.

Following are the contests one can participate in:

 1. ParenTalks Speaking contest for Parents. 

2. Dazzling Champs Talent show for Children in the age of 1 to 5 

3. Educator Speak Paper Presentation for Educators 

4. Inspire Talk Speaking Contest for Children in the ages of 6-18 

5. Social Impact Project Presentation for Children in the ages of 10-18

Event Details:
2 & 3 September (Saturday and Sunday)

Venue: St Johns Auditorium


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