Features that make Likee the most-preferred Short video platform

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We live in an era of technological advancement, which has led to the emergence of an unprecedented virtual world. Amidst the sea of social media and short video creation platforms, very few have managed to carve a niche for themselves. One such pioneering short video platform is Likee, which was launched in 2017 by Singapore-based BIGO Technology Pte Ltd. The platform has emerged as one of the most-preferred destinations for the youth within a very short span, thanks to its unique features and offerings.

Let’s take a look at some of Likee’s features, which have provided the platform an edge over others and made it stand firm among the most downloaded apps globally:

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  1. Superme

Superme is a broad feature category, which encompasses several tools such as Normal Photo Template, Body Editing, Morph, Face Cut, Age Up and Muglife. With the help of the Normal Photo Template tool, a lifelike SFX video or MV album is created instantly after a photograph is uploaded while Body Editing tool helps user isolate a person from a group photograph and set it against varied backgrounds.

  1. Photo/Video Comic

As the name suggests, the feature helps users convert a photograph or video into a comic. It promises a high-energy fun as it immediately transform users’ uploaded photo and video into a comic, rendering the facial features and other details in the format that’s popular across the world.

  1. FaceMagic

With the help of this feature, users can swap faces with a target character, for instance an actor, from a video. All they need to do is upload a photograph. The feature enables a dynamic and real-time face swap.

  1. FFX Lens Filter

As part of this feature, custom artistic lens filters help images make an unprecedented impact. The six sets included are bling, steam, glitch, ripple, sparkle and light & shadow. This feature is particularly popular among young content creators.

The availability of such dynamic features on a single platform has led to the global popularity of Likee. According to the latest Sensor Tower report for January 2020, Likee was among the top 6 most downloaded apps globally. Undoubtedly, these unique features have appealed to the youth, who are turning to the platform in large numbers. Easy navigation, swipe, and smooth browsing have been instrumental in Likee’s success.

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