Living with Robots

Living with Robots
Living with Robots

Living with Robots

Today’s topic is living with robots. Well from past few years Science and technology have achieved a lot in different domain whether its healthcare, manufacturing etc. Almost every aspect of human has been influenced by science and technology. Starting from the smartwatch on your wrist to a smartphone in your pocket our life surrounds by gadgets.The field of science and technology has advanced from the past decades and have a huge transformation in our perspectives of life. Among those advancements, robots have become significant by trying to get closer to human lives living with robots are going to be possible in future these drones, self-driving cars, humanoid robot are the great examples of robots. 

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Everything has its bright side and dark side. Firstly we talk about the bright side of robots.

Helping in Healthcare and the Disabled:

Disabled robots have been designed to help people recover certain disease, injuries. It is a vast field includes a robotic wheelchair, robotic arms, vocal device for persons who can not speak and many other devices help disabled persons to perform day to day activity.

Manufacturing and Productive work

Many high-end factories make use of robots to make their productions lines more effective and time-saving. Industries like an automobile, food manufacturing etc use robots. Material handling applications are used for material transfer, machine loading and unloading. They can work without pause and continuously without any pauses or breaks and does not get tired as humans. 

The places where a human can not reach we can send robots like in case of disaster management we send drones to that place, send robot for space missions and yes this is true living with robots will be possible.

Now we talk about the dark side

Robots could take over 20 million manufacturing jobs around the world by 2030 according to a report. There will be fewer jobs for human in future and more robots will be there which will lead to poverty.

People get robots to get there lives easy which makes us lazier and due to laziness and less physical activity, humans will be prone to more disease like obesity.

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Noting is 100% bad and 100% good in this world. It depends on the way you picturise it to learn similar to this read my blog impact of AI and Humanoid RobotsTo read more like these blog

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