My real life emotions come out while shooting an emotional scene, says Shridhar Watsar playing a double role in Sony SAB’s Baalveer Returns


How excited were you to be a part of Sony SAB’s Baalveer Returns?

I have been a part of Baalveer previously and when I was approached by the production house again for Baalveer Returns, it was just like I came back after a mini vacation. I was thrilled to again dive into the fantasy world of Baalveer which returned with state of art graphics and introduced me to the grand worlds of KaalLok and Veer Lok. Baalveer Returns is a complete makeover of Baalveer’s journey where the viewers are introduced to new characters and their motives. Baalveer has grown up along with the story and the audience that we now look at.

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How challenging is it to play the double role of DoobaDooba and TaubaTauba?

It is quite challenging as both the characters are different and serve different motives in the story but at the same time they share the similarity of innocence. There are times when my real life emotions come out while shooting an emotional scene in the role of DoobaDooba. But as an actor,

I am able to switch on and off from both the characters really soon. I have always enjoyed portraying the character of TaubaTauba as he is naughty and edgy but with Baalveer Returns, the character of DoobaDooba is really interesting as well. DoobaDooba has some funny catch phrases like ‘Samjhekenahi’ and his revamped look is something that takes the show to another level.

How has your experience been so far on the sets of Baalveer Returns with the cast and the crew? 

I really enjoy myself on the sets. I share a really nice bond with Dev already as we have worked in Baalveer together. However,

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the entire cast and crew is very friendly on the sets and all of them are amazing actors. Actors like Aditya (Bhaymaar) and Atul (Jabdali) are the ones I have as good bond with and apart from being amazing friends, these two are extremely talented too. I was personally shocked with Pavitra’s (Timnasa) performance as I watched the first episode of Baalveer Returns; she is a phenomenal actor. The way everyone delve into their characters, is very impressive. 

How is Baalveer Returns different from any shows you have previously done?

Shridhar Watsar as Tauba Tauba in Sony SAB Baalveer Returns

Baalveer Returns, being a fantasy show itself stands out from all other shows I have done in the past. It is a perfect blend of the fantasy and the real world. Although this show is for the entire family to sit together and watch, it hits a special chord with the kids of this country and really inspires them in ways. Whenever I go out it is a beautiful feeling when kids recognize me through my character and I really admire their honest thoughts. It makes me happy that these kids would grow up someday and talk about Baalveer Returns as their favorite childhood show, reminiscing all the memories associated with it. 

You’ve been a part of the entertainment industry since 19 years now and worked in many TV shows and films. How different is working in television than in films?

I have worked for several years as a theater artist and for last 10 years I have entered the film and the television world, full-fledged. The film and TV industry are very different. Films are entirely pre-planned and the schedule is a lot easier with 1-2 shots a day as you are shooting for a film which will be 2-3 hours long.However,the television industry is fast-paced and demanding as you have to meet the needs of a daily show. Television industry is about spontaneity and being ready for a new challenge every day.

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How does it feel to be associated with Sony SAB?

Sony SAB has given me immense recognition in the country and internationally as well with Baalveer and now with Baalveer Returns. I get calls from across the world from youngsters asking me about the show and appreciating the characters and the story. Sony SAB has made this possible for me and I would like to thank them for it. I enjoy the collection of shows Sony SAB has, Baalveer Returns being one of the most popular ones.

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