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The present youth culture is more about jobs, works for Freshers interviews, package, grooming, work etc nowadays, as every year one batch graduates from every technical or management college and targets good companies to get a job to kick start their career. But do they get jobs right after they apply and appear for the interview?

The answer is not Yes or No but the more fitting anwer is “THEY ARE FRESHERS” which already explains a lot. Being a fresher is not at all something that works as a repellent for the companies but the explanation is that the companies choose experienced candidates over the freshers. Experienced candidates are more focused, good at handling situations, patient with some kind of specialization. Fresher candidates have got necessary skills which are required for the job and they are dynamic in the initial stages as they can be easily moulded according to the job requirements but what extra they have is being “RAW”.

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The freshers are Raw because they are passed out college students with the college mindset of being carefree or living the life to the fullest, they are not just about being a corporate employee which makes them Raw also, in terms of the knowledge regarding corporate culture, ethics, work process etc and this trait gets along with them. It takes time for them to get into the intense colors of corporate world.

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Being Raw in the initial stages is a part of everyone’s life, it’s a shell and every experienced person was once raw so few steps could be taken to get out from that shell and a fresher can leave it’s shell by working upon itself, becoming corporate ready till some extent and getting selected.

This can be done by working on the communications skills as sound communication skills makes candidates more visible, go for the job for which you are passionate about because “I just need a job no matter where and what” attitude reflects in your personality more than your desire and lastly, one of the most successful getaways is getting internships and having the practical knowledge. Internship experience will make you stand out of the competitive crowd. This is not a race between an experienced and a fresher but between all of the freshers so come out of that shell and stand out because between the crowd of experienced candidates, few freshers definitely sit.

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