MedLern and IBS Hospital Jaipur Partner to Upgrade Nursing Skills Through Advanced Training Programs


New Delhi, 23rd May 2023: In a crucial initiative that further elevates the quality of nursing education and lifesaving training skills at hospitals in North India, MedLern, the country’s leading digital learning solutions provider for hospitals and healthcare professionals has tied up with IndoWestern Brain & Spine Hospital, or IBS Hospital Jaipur. Under this partnership, MedLern would make available Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) training for nursing students and consultants at the hospital through HeartCode® Complete programs co-developed by the American Heart Association (AHA) and Laerdal Medical.  


Importantly, this collaboration has come close on the heels of MedLern forging another similar tie-up with Rohilkhand Medical College and Hospital, Bareilly, located in Uttar Pradesh. For its part, IBS Jaipur is the first neuro-sciences super-speciality hospital in the state of Rajasthan.

“We are indeed happy to have collaborated with IBS, Jaipur for the training and skilling of their staff including doctors. On one hand, the simulation-based HeartCode Complete training program employing mannequins allows healthcare personnel at the hospital to learn BLS and ACLS skills – as required depending on their need – without compromising their daily routine and duties at the hospital. On the other hand, it allows the administration to monitor the usage of the training on the MedLern platform by the learners and track their progress over time. Moreover, the traditional training methods to achieve the same proficiency take many days since they have to be done under the supervision of an experienced trainer and are always subject to human error, a risk totally ruled out under HeartCode® Complete,” said Mr Deepak Sharma, Co-founder and CEO, MedLern.

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“While the poor doctor and patient as also nurse and patient ratio in India is often a subject of discussion among the medical community, healthcare experts and the wider patient population, not much is focused on the quality of training given to nurses, paramedics and other non-medical attendants, which is a highly desirable skill for these health workers in any emergency situation. In fact, this quality of intervention and the skills employed therein in the most critical situations can become the line of difference between the life and death of a patient. I am certain that we will have similar partnerships with IBS in the coming future too, added Mr Sharma.

“It goes without saying that the HeartCode Training program co-developed by the American Heart Association (AHA) and Laerdal Medical is a much-in-demand and modernized course in emergency cardiac conditions care which would have incorporated the most recent research insights and best practices in the Western world. With IBS primarily serving patients suffering from neurological and related conditions as well as trauma apart from those needing critical care, there is a very high likelihood of patients needing high-quality on-the-ground CPR and other first aid interventions. So, to that extent, this is a great development adding vastly to the quality of care and patient outcomes at our hospital, said Dr. Bhawana Goyal, Director, IBS Hospital.  

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