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Details for the Kool Kanya workshop-

What and When Social Media for Beginners Program 

Learn to develop your social media content strategy 11th April- 15nd April 2022
Shoot stunning photos &Videos with your smartphone 19th April- 23rd April 2022
Grow Your Followers – Grow Followers 25th April – 29th April 2022
Time5:00pm – 7:00pm
Cost₹ 750- ₹ 4000

Kool Kanya, aiming to educate and empower women to map their careers with relevant career advice and new-age practical skills, has introduced a ‘Social Media for Beginners’ workshop alongside special parallel programs on its community and ed-tech platform for April 2022.

Online Internship with Certification

Digital content creation and the creator economy is on the rise, steadily becoming a vital component of online campaigns efforts by brands and one of the fastest-growing economies to date. Keeping with this, Kool Kanya intends to familiarise women with the fundamentals of social media such as creating reels, videos, digital marketing, and much more through its new learning programs. The ‘Social Media for Beginners’ workshop covers base subjects like ‘Content Creation,’ ‘Shooting Stills & Videos,’ and how to ‘Grow Your Followers.’ Each of these is segmented further into two parts. While Content Creation comprises ‘Creating copy that sells’ and ‘Social media strategy,’ Shooting Stills & Videos includes ‘Capture stunning stills’ and ‘Creating videos that drive views.’ Meanwhile, ‘Grow Your Followers’ will give attendees a 101 on ‘Instagram Reels’ and ‘YouTube and Facebook Marketing.’ The programme also offers flexible and tailored options to the attendees. One can either apply for a particular subject under the ‘Social Media for Beginners’ program or even an individual segment of a subject. The experts include Sharin Bhatti (former content strategist, Kool Kanya), Dhruv Prakash (Fashion Photographer & Videographer), Harshith Bangera (Performance Marketing Specialist) and Tanisha Bhansali (Instagram Coach & Consultant).

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All the workshops are for an hour and a half, from 5:00 PM to 7PM. Priced at Rs 750 for each individual workshop up to Rs 4000 for a bundled program with multiple sessions, ‘Social Media for Beginners’ will address creating content on social media through copies, reels, strategies, and more, from 11th April 2022 to 29th April 2022.

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In today’s era of digitisation and new tech, digital literacy is of the essence. Log on to https://courses.koolkanya.com/ for more details and apply now to learn and grow your social media skills from experts.

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